Veggies to GROW to avoid those darn tantrums


Promises, promises.
Promises, promises.

I’ve hoped and cried and been flipping disappointed over this. What to grow this year, after what I learnt the year before and all those other years? I’ve come to realize that mother nature is the BOSS and my ideas ain’t going to wash with that lady.

Take the Jamie Oliver Sweet Potato plants. Think again.
The White Aubergine. Egg plant, that will be on my face, then.
Spring Onions? I’d shed a tear if only they’d grow.
Romanesco broccoli? A romantic idea that only ever looked good on the packet.
Size doesnt matter onion posterSo don’t be like me and be a sucker for anything too exotic. If you’ve only a couple of hours a week, keep it simple. This list is for those working people who love gardening in their spare time. Plus the most important thing to remember when you grow your own is that SIZE DOESN’T MATTER

Its better to grow a few things well than a lot of things badly

  • French BeansFrench climbing beans, not the shrubby ones. Try some  purple ones too
  • Leeks
  • Round courgettes, Don’t do the ordinary ones please
  • Sweetcorn. Not the baby variety
  • Sweet red peppers and chillies
  • Mange Tout because if you missed picking them at the right time, you still get peas
  • Tomatoes. As many different colours, shapes and sizes as your can think of. Let a batch go wild at the allotment and not fuss over them like you do in the green house.
  • Patterns, texture, colour and of course flavour.
    Patterns, texture, colour and of course flavour.

    Onions (red). These are sweet and powerful. The white ones just blow your head off.

  • All year round cauliflower
  • Mixed salad leaves in containers near your back door and no where else
  • Carrots in multi-colours, because you’re worth it.
  • Potatoes. The best taste ever, when you grow them yourself
  • Red Cabbage
  • Parsnips
  • Brussel Sprouts. Just imagine your Chritmas dinner that you grew yourself
  • Perpetual spinach
  • Pumpkins. For the fun of it

Pumpkin hog header

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A blog about my gardening exploits to inspire, even if its looking like its all about go wrong. (Which it does, alot)

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