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Summer of 2017

Not everything in life is a bed of roses, so the saying goes, and so the day after the Chelsea Flower Show my step father died. It has been awful witnessing someone slowly be destroyed by Alzheimer’s and so things have been put on hold a little bit. I still had to work but suddenly I had also had a new set of carers to organize for my 91 year old Mum. It didn’t go well as I had to sack two. One for taking my mums bank card and PIN number, the other for allowing the carpet man swindle £240 cash from my vulnerable mum.
The responsibility has been overwhelming and took a toll on my health. But I managed to get though it and out the other side. My salvation is to loose myself in my gardening, it really is the best therapy. Things didn’t stop and I still have issues to solve but the garden soldiered on….

Heucheras, phormium, blue grass and ferns added to the exotic feel nicely.

I did a bit of a revamp in a dull area of my jungle garden.
Then there wasn’t a shortage of cut flowers. Calendulas and zinnias performing brilliantly…..

Veggies started to yield and often I was badly prepared for harvesting but nothing got wasted…

Ok, I did give away some of the cucumbers but the rest were eaten fresh or baked and frozen.
So strange times came and went. I’ve been sad and stressed by other things, my allotment kept me focused. Even though I had to force myself to go there I always ended up feeling proud and positive and darn right happy! 😀


Courgette Cookery

When there’s a ton of courgettes about, try not to be embarrassing by insisting friends/colleagues/strangers take some home. Most of us British are too polite to refuse. So don’t be a bore and stop pestering everyone with your ruddy courgettes. Nothing worse than a veggie pusher.
The best way to get rid of them is to make stuff to eat with them. After all that was the idea when you grew them. Cakes, bread, pickle, tarts, pies, curries, bakes, stewed, souped, frittered, fried, steamed or even composted as a last resort. The list of possibilities is  endless so let’s get creative.

This is the start of my collection. Just a few at the
moment but once the season gets well and truly
going, this area will get bigger and bigger.

Start with grating onto a clean cloth.
Start with grating onto a clean cloth.
...now get squeezing!
…now get squeezing!

General tips: If you are baking with courgettes such as cakes and bread its best to grate them onto a piece of clean muslin or fabric, gather up and squeeze as much liquid out as possible. You’d be surprised to see how much water a courgette can hold. If you don’t do this your  cake creation will be too soggy. This bright green water actually tastes good. So don’t throw it down the sink, chill it and drink it. Must be packed with vitamins.

Heres a taster! The rest are on the Courgette Cookery menu on the left hand side

Courgette, pine nut and parmesan rosti
These patties are delicious served with grilled chicken, steak,  ham or salmon.  A home-made tomato sauce is also an excellent idea. Or perhaps cream cheese spread on top as part of a packed lunch.
You could spice them up with chili. If you wanted to add onion, it would be best to finely chop in a processor first or soften the onions by pre frying them.

  • Makes about four
Courgette pine nut rosti
Difficulty level: easy-peasy


Served with fried egg and toasted pine nuts.
Served here with fried egg and toasted pine nuts.

1 medium courgette (grated and drained)
50 grams pine nuts
1 tablespoon plain flour
1 large egg
80 grams parmesan cheese (more if you want them really cheesy)
Salt and black pepper
Chopped basil (optional)


Place all the ingredients into a bowl.
Place all the ingredients into a bowl.


  • In it all goes….
Mix all the ingredients up.
Mix all the ingredients up.
  • Mix well. If the mixture is too wet add some more flour.
  • Then heat some olive oil in blini pans or one large non-stick frying pan. Place a tablespoon or so of the mixture into the pans…
Gently fry for 3 minutes each side, turning occasionally.
Gently fry for 3 minutes each side, turning occasionally.
  • Turn occasionally, and fry until golden brown. About 3 minutes each side
  • Once cooked keep in a warm oven until the next batch is done.
  • Toast a few pine nuts once you are done to sprinkle over.
Fry until golden bown.
Fry until golden bown.