The end of autumn clear up is now over and the decking treated to a jet wash that made the area look fresh again. I repositioned several evergreen plants and a giant potted bamboo to be nearer to the house to guarantee that the view from the kitchen during winter will always be lush. A trim of the bamboo was required to keep its growth in check.

Solar lighting did the trick on this lovely little pot.
Solar lighting did the trick on this lovely little pot.

How about a night garden?

This part of the garden is the route to the recycling bins and often the journey is made when it’s dark. The bins are screened with metal-framed bamboo panels, but to make this a focal point I had already installed a paving slab on top of three stone griffins. This area needed lighting anyway, but when I aimed two solar-powered spotlights at the griffins and winter-planted container I realized that this pot was even more beautiful at night. The black ophiopogon Nigrescens actually looks more stunning at night than during the day, something you wouldn’t expect until you saw it. The colour scheme of silver black and purple is so dramatic too.

At the allotment the broccoli is now ready and absolutely delicious. The clear up here went well taking only a couple of afternoons. The pumpkin bed was easy, as no weeds had grown under all that mass of foliage. Bean poles dismantled, courgettes cleared and as I have been pulling the cabbages, I’ve sown some broad beans in their place. The leeks that have been growing all summer, although not very plump, will see me though winter. As will winter spinach. I haven’t investigated the parsnips yet; I’m saving that to next month.

Onions and shallots are progressing in the greenhouse and I‘ve just potted on a batch of all-year-round cauliflower. Gathering packets of bulbs that I had bought in the sales over the past month means that I have quite a few to find homes for. I know that the ‘black parrot’ tulips ones are intended to go amongst a bed of wallflowers. They should look stunning rising above the ‘Persian carpet’ colour scheme in spring. The rest are for an array of pots that need cleaning first. Finally with temperatures about to plummet, I’ve moved the Aeonium from the greenhouse to an unheated spare room for the time being whilst I consider a heated mat.

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