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It’s here at last and I’m super impressed. My she-shed is in good company as the Daily Telegraph Shed of the Year 2015 is in there too! ISBN 9781925344547 should you wish to purchase!

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The excitement of May
If you grow veggies you know its extra busy what with raising the little treasures from seed, watering and then pricking out. As the days go by thoughts turn to watching for frost then hardening off. But the Aubergine adventure has been thrilling. I acquired a grafted plant and have been nurturing it with great attention to detail in my kitchen. First the flower and then the beginnings of a baby, so excited!

So graceful.
So graceful.
I can just see it forming!
I can just see it forming!

The wisterias dramatic effort to bloom
I finally got to grips with the matter of pruning the beast. Simply by get an expert to do it! And so from hardly any blooms I have about fifty. This is a brilliant start and so I’m going to continue with the correct treatment despite the builders do their best to bash these brave beauties.Wisteria

Wisteria gets a bashing
Oh dear, at least half a dozen suffered.

The white wall
I’ve been getting quite interested in white gardens and so gave my herb rack a bit of a make over. It really does take on another dimension: so pure and fresh.

My white wall looking Persil white.
My white wall looking Persil white.


Bind weed
The evil bind weed
Plot gate
The entrance to the allotment.
bluebells pic
Glorious bluebells.
Watering cans
I hang out with the watering cans!
Blue container
A blue and white spring pot.
White wall planter&chair2
The white corner.
Entrance view
This has been described as allotment porn! My patch is way off into the distance.

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