MAY 2015

Bleeding Heart and Scabiosa look stunning in the sun
Bleeding Heart and Scabiosa look stunning in the sun

This month sees two butts, sick Acers and a busy greenhouse.

Square granite planters bring my traditional front garden into the 21st Century

May is the month when I’m getting ready for the big plant-out at the allotment, and so it is crucial that I get ahead with all other jobs. My attention is turned to the front garden after the snowdrop extravaganza is but a distant memory.
At the center an old stone planter is home to a collection of succulents. One or two winter casualties suggested a revamp. Flowering are ‘Crassula Tresco Seapray’ with its dainty white flowers and ‘Echeveria elegans’ long pink stems against turquois-grey leaves, makes it all look fresh again.
At the base of the plant stand I have planted lots of black grass. I carefully divided several lager plants into lots of smaller ones. They look great against the stone. Other grasses, too, needed a comb-out and a delicate dicentra required support. I planted out some Scabiosa and a pink Anemone ‘Prinz Heinrich’. Lastly, granite square planters are treated to lavender. These planters often get missed when watering and I’m hoping that the lavender has a better resilience to flea beetle that always seems to be problem here.

Bright new coloured pots get showcased
Bright new coloured pots get showcased

Herby wall planter
My homemade herb rack made it through winter and still looks brand new. The pots are from Ikea and originally intended for kitchens, but they survived well outside all winter long. They are the perfect size, fun colours and are only 60p each. The rack is now sporting the first herbs that I’d raised in the greenhouse from seed. Growing away are parsley, coriander, dill, chives and a small shrubby sage with some lavender to add to the mix. Then to finish it all off, black pots planted with more flowering ‘Echeveria elegans’ succulents.
Also lovely in the garden is dainty ‘early sensation’ clematis looking so elegant climbing a wire obelisk. And the drama of fern leaves unfurling in the sunshine is also just as beautiful.

DSC_0028 copyStanding room only at the greenhouse
But the real action is at the greenhouse. It has never been more packed. So much so I’ve had to buy a mini green house and now that is full too. Pricking out and potting-on is the order of the day and because I’m doing a cut flower bed, cosmos shares with pumpkins and sunflower sit with sweet corn. It is a mass of young life all waiting to be unleashed into the space and freedom of the allotment.

Butt, butt that wasn’t supposed to happen!
At last I got a bargain in the butt department. A slim line water butt was purchased at a snip of a price £18.97 at Aldi. Then as luck would have it, a neighbour was throwing one out. And so in one month I go from no butts to two! It has obviously thrown up a problem on how to screen them. Umm still thinking on that one.

New Acer looking fab.
New Acer looking fab.

Acer Envy
Is it yin and yang? You do a thing that you are chuffed about, and blow me there’s a disaster waiting around the corner. So why did my two acers decide to sulk when I took delivery of a new beautiful specimen? I guess trees have feelings too.




2 thoughts on “MAY 2015”

  1. Love your garden especially the revamped planter, I also have a planter-bird bath which I want to plant with Alpines etc, does the planter need drainage holes and what should they be planted in. Thank you Jan Ruston

    1. It has got drainage holes so I expect it was not very good at being a bird bath! The compost is ordinary shop-bought that needs more grit added. These succulents can grow in very poor soil. I noticed that one seedling set up home in a crack in the wall. Basically you will need drinage holes or the plants will rot if they are sat in water. Gill

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