MARCH 2014


Some fine weekend weather gave me the chance to prepare the ground for planting at the allotment. I took along my trusty trug as I knew that the leeks needed to come up. On closer inspection there were loads more veg ready to be picked. I dug up the last parsnips and the winter spinach looked fresh with new growth. The broccoli, with its sprouting side shoots, have given me an extra harvest too.

Its now March 2014 and its the last leeks, parsnips and red cabbage. Broccoli and spinach is still going. And at last the spring onions! They took ages to grow.
March 2014 and its the last of the leeks, parsnips and red cabbage. Broccoli and spinach is still going amazingly.

I checked the last red cabbage by cutting in half to see if it was still ok, and it looked fabulous. Vegetables for the weekend are sorted. My plan to keep something in the ground over winter has paid off.

Once two raised beds were clear I could get the shallots and red onions in one, and the cauliflowers in the other. The cauliflowers had been overwintering in my greenhouse and have been growing profusely during the mild winter.

Cauliflower plants have been over-wintering in my green house.
Cauliflowers have been over-wintering in the green house.

Broad beans that I sowed last October are looking healthy. I have two batches in separate beds but have run out of protective netting for one bed, so I’m hoping that they wont fall foul of the hungry rabbits.

Herb Rack final
Pots on the herb rack planted up. Success!

At the greenhouse there is a queue for the propagators. Cucumbers, red peppers and tomatoes have been monopolizing them. Leeks, cabbages, sprouting broccoli and marigolds have all germinated and continue to thrive.

Brilliant news: I’ve finished the herb rack! I’d previously got the slats cut to size, then, weatherproofed and painted two shades of grey. I picked a variety of shrubby specimens but have left a view pots ready for annuals herbs. In the meantime some lovely white candytuft (Iberis) gives a splash of freshness to the scheme. Once planted and watered, I realized that each pot weighed 800 grams, which meant that four would weigh 3.2 kilos. So I added extra strengthening to the rack. Now it is finished it has really brightened up a dull corner. I am so pleased, especially as a few friends have asked if I would make them one too.

Gill Lockhart
Gill Lockhart

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