JUNE 2013


It’s been a bit of a plod up at the plot due to a sprained foot. Priorities were to earth up the spuds (agony), get the courgettes and French beans planted (ok siitting on a stool) and that would mean that whole bed sorted. I managed it with lots of tea breaks and mutterings. Previous weeks saw sweetcorn and leeks go in in their specified bed. Then an abundance of left-over leeks gave me the idea to edge the marigold border, that runs around the courgettes as a decorative feature.

Early on in the season. Sweet corn look healthy here but later failed!
Early on in the season. Sweet corn look healthy here but later failed!

One thing I didn’t sort before it got out of control, was the green manure bed. It seemed all too simple to bring up a packet of seeds in autumn, instead of barrowing up manure. But the cutting up, digging in and generally getting the bed in good shape was hard work but I got some help here (hooray). That bed is now home to the brassicas: brussel sprouts, red cabbage, all-year-round cauliflower and a romanesco cauliflower too. To top it off I fitted a proper butterfly net.

The last job was to plant up the tomatoes, but on closer inspection the entire batch of ‘gardeners delight’ have early signs of tomato blight. I’m not risking it so I’ve binned the lot. I’m not sad as I have lots of ‘sweet millions’. I now have more room and time for the red peppers, chillies and butternut squash.

Lilac time
Magnificent scent from the white lilac.

It’s easy to get distracted with the allotment and forget that the front garden is blooming marvellously. Dicentra, wigelias and a fragrant white lilac are looking their best. Even the wisteria, that has sulked since I inherited it, managed a few flowers. Keeping the garden packed with colour is the aim here and waiting in the wings is the annual, ‘love-lies-bleeding’, to take over from the ‘bleeding heart’ to carry on the theme. Then a batch of holly-hocks are earmarked for a gap at the back.

My purple border has produced a stunning show of blooms courtesy of an earlier planting of Pericallis Senetti. The colour is incredible, together with some miniature purple irises and alliums, its a wonderful coming together of colour without much effort. Ideal while I’m busy getting everything planted up at the allotment. A plan has come together even if it was by accident. And I don’t mean my sprained foot.

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