February 2014

Falling off a ladder while cutting back the ivy meant garden duties were limited to the greenhouse. I can sit comfortably there, rest my knee, and potter while some dreadful storms have been raging. Because of this, my greenhouse has never looked so packed considering it’s the tail end of winter. I’ve concentrated on finishing planting up my trellis pots and dividing up bits of ivy for my summer planting schemes.
The propagators are set with batches of marigolds and peppers,  leeks, sprouting purple broccoli and cabbages are all sown in trays too. In fact anything that says ‘sow in February’ has been done. Cauliflower plants, shallots and onions are all ready to go out as their roots are peeking out the bottom of their pots.
One storm in particular meant slates have blown off my roof and landed among my snowdrops. Amazingly, there were only a few casualties, as they are looking fabulous at the moment. Driving rain had filled up a massive pot of ophiopogons, and the water just wasn’t draining away. This meant the whole lot had to come out and now was the time to divide the plants up. Even though this was a bit of a smelly chore, I’ve ended up with countless free plants.
The wood for the vertical herb garden trellis has been cut to size, tantalised with wood preserver, and waiting to be painted. I’ve chosen a soft grey colour as it will be hung on a brick wall and the pots I’m using are bright orange. Maybe I’ll use some of those ophiopogons here. Black and orange is a great combination.
I was worried about storm damage up at the allotment, as a neighbour has an ancient greenhouse. But everything was intact; including the nets that I feared might blow away. Inspecting the broccoli, I noticed they have produced lots of florets as sides-shoots. For a first-timer at broccoli, this is a delightful bonus. I’ve yet to the dig up the salsify to try them out, and there are still cabbages, leeks, kale and spinach too. There’s been some awful storms, but there’s has been hardly any frosts and in these mild temperatures things are still growing. But I’m having to rest my knee for a while, so digging is out of the question, as is anything to do with ladders.

2 Pots on trellis

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