August 2014

French Beans
French beans keep on coming!

The allotment has benefited from a daily visit from me as I’ve been on greenhouse watering duties for a fellow plot-holder. The daily inspection has had me picking french beans and courgettes. Just as I think that the next lot won’t be ready until the weekend, there they are again 24 hours later.

French beans were a disaster last year, so this year has made up for it. I’ve chosen round courgettes again as they are great for roasting but the leaves are showing signs of mildew so early in the season. Pumpkins are developing well however the butternut squash look identical to the pumpkins. I think a labeling error at the greenhouse is to blame. Mange tout have a short season and have quickly developed into peas. You have to be quick of the mark! Once these have died back this area is earmarked for winter Brassicas.

Last years bean trench.
Last years bean trench.
Loving my round courgettes.
Loving my round courgettes.

Onions and shallots have been harvested and tomatoes and sweet corn are beginning to yield. My veggies never end up even in size but I don’t mind. The supermarkets that reject uneven sized veg are giving people the wrong impression. (See my poster campaign for real food on the area to the left on this site.) My first dig around the potatoes have produce some lovely specimens. Very floury and taste fabulous mashed or roasted.

Trusty trug promising a healthy dinner
Trusty trug promising a healthy dinner
They're round and they are red, size doesn't matter.
They’re round and they are red, size doesn’t matter.

I’ve planted the beginnings of a rosemary hedge beside the newly made grass path that leads directly to a waterbut. This path is very well trod as a hot spell has meant extra watering. You might have noticed my collection of watering cans as water has become an issue since the supply was metered. It means that every drop has to come from communal rain water butts until they run empty. I’m not allowed to have a shed either; I’ve never been more desperate for a shed. Private allotments can be a problem. I have lots of buckets and containers about to collect water but would prefer a better system. If anyone has any suggestions about water conservation drop me a line at the form below.

Wow those chilies burn!
Wow those chilies burn!

Back home my herb rack got supersized. An irresistible bargain of chilli plants have taken up residence giving the herb rack some hot colour as well as a burning sensation in the month. Tumbling tomatoes seem happy here too. Then I filled up some empty containers with mustard cress and some dramatic black grass too. It really has become an interesting focal point.

You don't have to stick to herbs either. I've added chillies, tomatoes and black Ophiopogon grass.
Herb rack super-sized.

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