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Beans&cougettesPlotting for a Plot

In 2008 my friend and I took on an allotment. It was daunting, but exciting and boy did we learn a lot. Circumstances made it impossible for my friend continue after a year (grandchildren duties), so I’ve been doing it on my own ever since. Its in a tranquil spot away from noisy kids that can ruin a peaceful sit-down in my own garden.

Wildlife and Developers

But there’s a threat to its future. Developers want to build houses on it, and because its on private land we have no hope of being offered alternative plots. There’s fields with horses next door and we are visited by muntjacs, hedgehogs, cats, mice and other insects. Some encouraged, some down right beasties.  The whole town desperately wanted there to be rare newts nearby, or bats, to stop the developers. We rallied the council by never got anywhere.

Learning Curve

Building the raised bedsThe green gym, its called. All that bending and shaking it all about should keep me fit. Maybe so but dodgy knees meant that raised beds would be useful. So after the first winter my friend Rollie made them. He also put together the nifty net supports that were made from cheap plumbers pipe.

So how posh is that? Suddenly I felt like I knew what I was doing! Which I didn’t then, and I’m not much better now.

Brassicas winterThe Knowledge

The learning never stops! Nothing does what you expect and nothing stays the same. You learn something in a moment then have to radically review the situation. It gives you joy and also hacks you off. A bit like people really.

As spring is upon us there will no doubt be lots of posts. Last year was fantastic (thought not the french beans). Broccoli and cauliflower were a brilliant  as I had previously given up on them during the first year. Here’s a photo of the winter brassicas looking great in the sunshine.

Boils in minutes
Boils in minutes

Time for Tea

Creature comforts is amust when you are doing a stint at the plot. Not having a shed there means only a few things can be kept there permanently.  Stoves were rubbish in the wind but this little storm kettle is flipping fantastic! Lightweight and only needing a few twigs and a match and you’ve boiling water in minutes. Get one.

I’m off for a cuppa myself, see you soon. Gill

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A blog about my gardening exploits to inspire, even if its looking like its all about go wrong. (Which it does, alot)

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