Chelsea Flower Show 2018

A glorious May day with stunning gardens and on my birthday too.
My personal favourite was the David Harper Savills garden by Nic Howard as I just loved the sculptures. Close second is M&G Sarah Price garden with its rammed earth walls and mediterranean planting. The Seedlip by Catherine MacDonald was really creative and based on peas.  All the gardens were lovely so its always worth a look. Here’s my gallery for you to enjoy…

Chelsea 2018 M&G Sarah Price
Chelsea 2018 MORGAN STANLEY FOR NSPCC Chris Beardshaw
Chelsea 2018 O MO TE NA SHI NO NIWA HOSPITALITY GARDEN Kazuyuki Ishihara
Chelsea 2018 LG ELECTRONICS Hay Hwang
Chelsea 2018 CHERUB HIV GARDEN Naomi Ferrett-Cohen
Chelsea 2018 MYELOMA GARDEN John Everiss
Chelsea 2018 LEMON TREE TRUST Tom Massey
Chelsea 2018 SEEDLIP Catherine MacDonald
Chelsea 2018 SKINDEEP Robert Barker
Chelsea 2018 WELCOME TO YORKSHIRE Mark Gregory
Chelsea 2018 SUPERSHOES LACED WITH HOPE Laura Antiss
Chelsea 2018 URBAN FLOW Tony Woods


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