Smokey-grey paint and mirrors

A whirl of planting the plot, painting and inspo at Chelsea

Busy it always is in Spring what with the veggie plot being so demanding. But it was now or never to get the fence painted before new foliage made it impossible. To say I’m pleased with it is an understatement! To top it off I bought a six foot garden mirror to go with the other charity-shop finds. Now it looks like a secret opening is beckoning you into a secret garden.

A grey backdrop makes the plants zing.
I made use of my old windows up at the plot.
Gate-crashers partying in the front garden. I’m cool with that.

Next I made good use of my old sash windows by screwing then together to make a cold frame for my beans while they were hardening off.
My front garden is looking lovely and fluffy with red tulips popping up to say “Hi”. Though not as many bloomed as I expected. As consolation some blue bells and for-get-me-nots gate crashed the garden. Your welcome!

Did I mention that I went to the Chelsea flower show?
My absolute favourite garden was the Japanese garden: Gosho No Niwa by Ishihara Kazuyuk.

The perfect garden. Acers, moss, water and somewhere tranquil to relax
Bins can be beautiful too.

Next was a saucey look for bins. I really must do this!
But in terms of gorgeous planting Sarah Raven knows a thing or too about the cottage look.

I don’t have a cottage garden but if I did I’d want it to be like this!

So that is all from me until we get stuck into high summer!

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