Storm Doris couldn’t put a dampener on February!

However those rabbits days are numbered. But first….

The glorious sight of snow drops spurred me on this month with a little revamp of the front garden. So many passers-by stop and look but that is all they see, just snowdrops. So a bit of ever-green was needed. A few shrubs had perished so they needed digging out and replacing with box balls. These will link with the box that are in the containers. The black grass around the center planter also gives the garden more ordered look and the box will give another texture. This compliments the random carpet of snowdrops and three white hellebore give it an elegant and delicate white theme.

Front garden with white hellebores, box and snowdrops
A triangle of box linking the containers with the test of the garden, giving it some green and some structure.

Back to Doris and those rabbits…

Bamboos tipped over… but nothing serious.
…and fences flew!
But those rabbits threatened my veg, so I put up some protection.
Munjacs had nibbled too and here in the sink it was all to plain to see once they were washed a scrubbed.

Did I mention that I had an garden sink. no…..?

Can I possibly post a pic of pots being washed. YES, so ENJOY!
This truly wonderful sight greeted me. Perfection. I don’t know how it happened but there it is, with its sprouting broccoli friend….
Love. Not forgetting all your other mates….
The wonky veg family.





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