What girl doesn’t covet the kitchen sink…

Could this be the start of an outdoor kitchen?

If there’s an impulse project to be had I’m that mad one that takes on too many all at once. Then gets stressed about it. But you see where there’s an opportunity to get creative I’ll never pass it by.
So it came about that I saw an ad at the local supermarket notice board for a secondhand double butlers sink for sale. I had already inherited an old cast-iron sewing machine and then a neighbour gave me another one. Both of theses had long ago lost their actual sewing machines but I used the bases as a desk base and a green house staging base. But now they are destined to be swanky garden sink bases.

img_2526A quick call to the chap with the sink and within ten minutes I was in the car driving round to collect it. Once in the she-shed I could get a proper plan in how to go about combining the sink and bases. The sink was large and definitely needed two bases but with a top to rest on. So I got a slatted top made. The sink came with all the plumbing wastes which was really handy and so I sprayed the pipes black, bought some new outdoor water taps and extra plumbing do-dah and I was ready. I found the perfect place in the garden right by the house that had the kitchen waste already to be tapped into. Amusingly the cat flap is in this area too and the bases had enough void underneath for the furry one to come in and out. Passing over one of the treadles.

Washing up action al-fresco!
Washing up action al-fresco!

My plumber got it all up and running and even modified a shower head and hose to fit on the taps. This is an excellent way to wash down all my greenhouse trays and pots. The second sink is already home to a few ferns as well being the place to wash as all the awful jobs that one doesn’t want to pollute the kitchen sink with.
All this has come at the perfect time of year, where plants are dormant and the endless winter clear-up is in progress. Now life is easier with my garden sink and I actually feel like I’ve got the beginnings of an outdoor kitchen. This could get expensive.

sink-feature-imageSo whats gone on when I’ve not faffing with sinks…

Friut cage is a gonner so time for a re-think.
Friut cage is a gonner so time for a re-think.
Its freezing and foggy.
Its freezing and foggy.
Love the first signs of shoots in January!
Love the first signs of shoots in January!


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