June 2016

June and at the plot its rain, rain rain and all the veggies are planted out, hooray….
…and then it rained. Then it got cold. Then it rained and more storms, and more cold. I thought nothing would survive this amount of rain and so cold that I even had the log burner on at home. I mean its JUNE ffs!
I fretted for my squash, cried for the courgettes and could stand it no longer. So I took a trip with a heavy heart, to the allotment to survey the damage. 😦 and guess what it’s all there! AND not dead!
plot juneJPG

Whats more some flowers were blooming away and just begged to be picked. Oh what a lovely sight.first posy
Cornflowers in three different colours, cosmos looking perfect despite the windy weather. But an incredible rhubarb flower was just asking to complete my first posy of the season. So pretty.

The first of many to come.
The first of many to come.

The first proper trug-load was filled with broad beans and broccoli, the flavour of the broccoli is amazing when you grow your own.

Plant sale
I was happy to donate some of my young plants to a charity plant sale. The proceeds are to help fund a young person on a trip to Africa to help build classrooms for schools. This will be an eye-opener for this young person as they’ll experience two weeks without wifi and see a world so different to ours. I hope it will be character building as well as fascinating.

Plants donated.
Plants donated.

Digging the paths out! Ouch!

The weeds are just as lush as the veg.
The weeds are just as lush as the veg.

Was it really wise to decide to do major lugging about when it has been raining so much. Silly me thought that I could get stuff done while it was cooler. But lugging sodden-with-rain sacks of bark is, in fact twice as hard. Even the chap at the garden center struggled to help me load the sacks into the car. Problem is that the paths at the allotment were getting knee high in weeds. The previous weeds suppressant was over 7 years old and never been covered in bark so it was only a matter of time before the weeds broke through. Still progress, though, and might take a break in the weather to finish off.

Bark paths do look very smart, just need to get the rest done.
Bark paths do look very smart, just need to get the rest done.

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