Welcome to my garden

407914_10151301884339931_1667417092_nHello , I’m Gill and I am an enthusiastic gardener and vegetable grower. I’m also a graphic designer specializing in publishing. The subject matter ranges from books about homes and architecture, to car magazines. So I love gardening, houses and cars! Is there anything more? Yes. Wine, art and travel. Actually there’s lots more, I forgot food, but I’ll stick to gardens here. So I’d like to share my experiences and a ton of ideas about the all-too-famous ‘Garden Room’ with you.

Its small, but not weeny!
Its small, but not weeny!

RED featuredMy garden
People think its easy-peasy having a small garden. But not so, its a much more intense as it really is all about the detail.
Just like your favorite room in your home, you want it to look gorgeous, maybe neat and tidy, possibly a little too ordered if you are like me.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing as you will see in the before photo here. Before pic what the builders didBut the builders could have done worse. I have ended up with a lot of walls. Other people walls. So its these that I am gradually making the most of with trellis that I have built myself. See my herb rack that has been a delight outside the kitchen.

Herbs are thriving and look great all together.
Herbs are thriving and look great on my trellis.

Growing my own
Now it isn’t all about a little town garden. I have an allotment too which is the best thing I have ever done. And the most demanding and educational, which is why I have loads of stories to share with you. From the promising baby plants in the green house to the grandeur of the summer spectacle to the ultimate harvest.

Everyone needs bunting in their lives.
The start of something big, fingers crossed.
Allotment August 2014
Time for a sit down and a cup of tea, and admire my handy work.
3 Trug in greenhouse more foreground
My trusty trug this year.

Gill Lockhart

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