407914_10151301884339931_1667417092_nHello , my name is Gill and I am an enthusiastic gardener and vegetable grower. I have and allotment and a small town garden in Northamptonshire in the UK. I love my little garden because is easy and so adaptable.  I don’t know about you, but gardening never stops. It’s not the up-keep so much but the design and desire for something new. I guess its about the knowledge of plants that grows too and having ideas. Learning is the basis of a lot of creativity and what I see on Pinterest and Instagram all adds to the fun.

Its not all about the plants
The space is outside and away from the house and a place that you can express yourself that’s different from your home interior. Its obviously seasonal but not if you have a she-shed too.

The she-shed
The she-shed

The shed is part of the garden, a focal point, a place of creativity that’s not only about gardening but projects and painting, stuff on-the-go and stuff in progress. It is the engine room and brilliant place to go when its raining.

She-shed with steps


The day I first clapped eyes on my little garden.
The day I first clapped eyes on my little garden.

The garden
People think its easy-peasy having a small garden. But not so, its a much more intense as it really is all about the detail.
My deck area measures 8 square meters, the main area 33 square meters with a side bit of 15 square meters, where I have the green house. Its 56 square meters in all.
Just like your favorite room in your home, you want it to look gorgeous, maybe neat and tidy, possibly a little too ordered if you are like me.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing as you will see in the before photo here. Before pic what the builders didBut the builders could have done worse. I have ended up with a lot of walls. Other people walls. So its these that I am gradually making the most of with trellis that I have built myself in the she-shed. See below my herb rack that has been a delight outside the kitchen.

Herbs are thriving and look great all together.
Herbs are thriving and look great on my trellis.

Growing my own
Now it isn’t all about a little town garden. I have an allotment too which is a joy to do. Althogh demanding and educational, which is also why I have loads of stories to share with you. From the promising baby plants in the green house to the grandeur of the summer spectacle to the ultimate harvest.

Everyone needs bunting in their lives.
The start of something big, fingers crossed.
Allotment August 2014
Time for a sit down and a cup of tea, and admire my handy work.
3 Trug in greenhouse more foreground
My trusty trug this year.

Gill Lockhart

5 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY GARDEN”

  1. Hi Gill, started flicking through Garden News magazine 25 July 2015 and read about your “she shed”. Popped onto your website for a quick look, that was 2 hours ago! Gill you are an inspiration, you cover all subjects with ease, you are a talented gardener, designer, pet owner and yes, I would also include psychologist! Have really enjoyed the last two hours, thank you. Kind regards, Julie

    1. What a lovely message Julie. That really has made my day.I’m so glad that you have enjoyed my ramblings and photos. Sometimes I wonder if its worth doing the blog until moments like this. I must admit I’m not that good with plant names and often gloss over the real dissappointments and mistakes because, after all, we all do love our gardens and every effort is still worth it. Best regards Gill
      If you would like to you could follow my photos on instagram, where the nitty gritty gets an airing!

  2. I enjoy reading what you have been doing in your garden but there is nothing for August or September. Also I have missed your articles in Garden News. I do hope you are still gardening

    1. Hello Dorothy. It’s so nice to hear from you. I’ve had to look after my elderly mother for a while and so haven’t upload my pictures! But fear not , I’ve stories to tell, some ups and downs(as we all do) . You’ve spurred me on with your kind message! Thank you

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A blog about my gardening exploits to inspire, even if its looking like its all about go wrong. (Which it does, alot)